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Nortel Phone Programming Tips

Here are some tips for common programming tasks on most Norstar/Nortel office phones. Use Ctrl+F in your web browser to quickly find what you're looking for on this page.

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Download this guide by clicking here (free PDF version)


1) Call Forward main line to an outside telephone.

This feature is provided free from your lines provider like Bell, Rogers, Verizon, etc.
Call your carrier to add this feature if not working
Note: Once a line is forwarded, it is then completely off your system.

To Forward: Press Line 1, enter *72 (fast busy means no feature exists), enter the external phone number – do this twice in some cases. Call your number to verify.

To cancel – Press Line 1, enter *73


2) Check your voicemail messages remotely


‐ Call your business number and as soon as Auto Attendant to answers.

‐ Enter: ** your Extension number and password. The voicemail directs you from there.

Note: the reception voicemail extension number is usually 100 or 221 for 3 digit extensions and 10 or 21 if you have 2 digit extensions.


3) To change a greeting in Auto Attendant:

Start here ‐ Record Introduction Greeting

Important Note: This is only (or can be ) the Initial introduction part of the main greeting which is then followed by any other greetings.

Instructions below allow you to change the company greeting

Instructions below allow you to have different greetings for day, night, weekends, vacations, etc.

‐To enter administration programming:

Feature 983 & then enter the log code (System Manager mailbox # followed by its password) & OK
The System Manager mailbox can be 12, 102 or 1002 depending how many digits your ext # is.
The default password for System Manager is 0000, it may have been changed to 1234, 1111, or other.

Example: if you are X221 then you are a 3‐digit system, so use: 1020000 (where 0000 is the password)

Log Code Defaults:

2 Digit system = 120000
3 Digit system = 1020000
4 Digit system = 10020000

‐Change the greeting in AA

1. Press Feature 983
2. Enter LOG Code: _____, press OK
3. Press AA
4. Press Grtg, press Grtg again
5. Enter the Greeting Number 1
6. Press OK
7. Press Rec… record greeting, press OK when done
8. Press OK to accept recording: press Rls when done

‐Change the greeting to play though parts of the day

9. Press Feature 983
10. Enter LOG Code: _____, press OK
11. Press AA
12. Press Table, press 1, press OK
13. Press Change to 1 (Greeting 1)
14. Do this for Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Non‐Business(if using)
15. Press Rls when done (or pickup and hang up the handset)


4) Call Forward an office phone extension to an outside line:

Note: Requires a high level of Nortel voicemail software and it ties up 2 lines for duration of call.

Instructions: Press Call Forward (or Feature 4), dial external code such as 9, dial external number

To Cancel Call Forward, see CANCEL on the phone’s display, or press Feature # 4

In most cases, a telephone technician needs to program this feature

4a) Voicemail Message Notification

Allows a voice mailbox to call an external phone number, to alert a user that they have a voicemail message.

To program:

Log into your mailbox, press Admin (or 8), Press 6
‐Admin (or 1) to setup your phone number
‐Select (or 2) to turn on or off Message Notification


When you receive the call press 1 to check the messages

In most cases, a telephone technician needs to program this feature

Note: both options above leave you open to Toll Fraud

You MUST use a 6 to 8‐digit password that is complex

Do not use passwords such as 1111, 1234 or 0000


Additionally, you may want to record a temporary greeting in your General Delivery Mailbox or on your Voicemail Auto Attendant greeting.


5) Unlock a mailbox/change password

Instructions to reset the Password of a Mailbox

1. Press Feature 983
2. Enter LOG Code:__________ , press OK
3. Press Mbox, press Chng, enter mailbox number
4. See Password: press Reset to reset password to the system default: 0000
5. Press Rls
6. Use 0000 password to check your messages and immediately change the password to a complex password. DO NOT leave it at 0000


Log Code:

If you are 2 Digit Extension your log code will be one of the following: 121234 OR 121111 OR 120000

If you are 3 Digit Extension your log code will be one of the following: 1021234 OR 1021111 OR 1020000

If you are 4 Digit Extension your log code will be one of the following: 10021234 OR 10021111 OR 10020000


 Download this guide by clicking here (free PDF version)

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