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Norstar 8x24 with DR5 Time Change

Norstar Meridian 824 Phone System Time & Date Change

Meridian Norstar 8x24 Phone System with DR5 Software Time Change Programming Manual

This guide aides in changing the time and date on your Norstar 8x24 Phone System, programming allows you to set the time and date (pages from the Modular DR5 System Coordinator Guide). This feature is shown on the display when a telephone is not in use. As with any clock, this needs to be done every time that your office has a power failure.

Changing the time and date is easy, but there are a couple of things to remember:

  • All times and dates must be entered using numerals. For example, February would be entered as “2”.
  • The time may be entered in either 12 or 24 format. If the display is in English, and the hour entered is less than thirteen, the display prompts you to specify AM or PM.
  • The year is not shown on the telephone display, but make sure that it is set correctly. Norstar is programmed to allow for leap years.

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