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Nortel Networks Nortel Flash Voice Mail User Guide

This guide is designed to assist you in using the Norstar Business Communication Flash voice system. The information contained in this guide describes the features accessible to a user.

How this guide is organized

The Flash Reference Guide is organized according to sections that cover:

How to use this guide – provides a brief overview, identifying the organization of this guide and the conventions used for describing features and their operation.

Learning about Flash – provides an overview of how Flash works. This section defines the Flash terms that are used in explaining the features.

Information Mailboxes – provides a description of the Information Mailboxes and how to use them.

Your Personal Mailbox – provides an outline of the steps you perform to set up a Personal Mailbox, and describes the options accessible from a mailbox.

The Leave Message feature – provides information about the options that can be selected from the Leave Message feature.

Telephone etiquette – provides a list of suggestions for operating Flash.

Troubleshooting – provides diagnostic and recovery procedures for problems that might occur while operating Flash.

Glossary – defines the terms used in this guide.

Index – provides a list of everything contained in this guide and where the information is located. The index is in alphabetical order. If you cannot find a term, try looking for your item according to its task.


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