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Meridian Norstar MICS 6.1 System Coordinator Guide

Nortel Networks Norstar Meridian Modular ICS 6.1 System Coordinator Guide

The person who is responsible for adding or moving telephones or making changes to the system is called the system coordinator. This guide is designed to give the system coordinator all the information he or she needs to carry out these kinds of jobs.

The first section contains step-by-step instructions about changing the time and date, deciding how many rings it takes before a call is forwarded, and other day-to-day programming. Once you understand these basic steps, you can move on to the many other features described in the second section of the guide, and refer to the first section only from time to time.

You can look at the contents page for an overview of the features that are available, or check the index for specific features or messages displayed on your telephone.

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