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Nortel Networks Norstar Central Answering Position (CAP) User Guide

The Central Answering Position (CAP)

The Central Answering Position (CAP) consists of a T7316E telephone and one to nine T24 Key Indicator Modules (KIM).

The CAP allows you to:

  • answer incoming calls and transfer them to your co-worker’s telephones,
  • check the busy/not busy or Do Not Disturb status of the telephones in your system,
  • use many more features and autodial numbers with one-touch access.

The T24 Key Indicator Module (KIM)

The T24 Key Indicator Module (KIM) is an add-on device that provides 24 extra memory or line buttons for the T7316E telephone.

A KIM is connected to the side of the T7316E telephone; up to eight more KIMs can be connected to the first KIM.

Refer to the T24 KIM Installation Card for installation instructions.