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Nortel Networks Office Phone Service in Toronto GTA

#1 Nortel Meridian Service
  For Toronto, Canada

Toronto GTA  416-425-0052
Toll Free 1-800-810-1075

For telephone systems repairs & installation service of Nortel, Meridian, Norstar and Avaya phone systems in Toronto GTA call Standard IP Telecom

TWO YEAR WARRANTY on all Parts and Services.

With our Premium Service Call, You Get:

  • Reliable, on-sight service, by Nortel/Meridian repair technicians, not service/salespeople sent by a company trying to sell you a new system.
  • The best Nortel Networks repair technicians with 10+ years experience.
  • Dedicated Nortel Service Company with guaranteed "Like New" replacement parts for your Nortel system always in stock and available.
  • 97% of Nortel system problems are fixed in one professional Service Call.

For Nortel Service outside of Toronto, CANADA, click here for more information

Free Telephone Support: When you call us, we will always try and help fix your problem without a Service Call. For Fast Diagnostics and Product Support, please send us pictures of the grey Nortel control unit, that is mounted on the wall in your business.

Send information, pictures and questions to service@standardtele.com 

See video below for Nortel model identification and  instructions on how to re-boot your Nortel telephone system or call for free telephone support

How To Troubleshoot Your Nortel Networks, Meridian Phone System

Identify Your Nortel Networks Meridian Norstar System and How To Reboot

Fast Nortel Networks, Norstar, Meridian PBX, Nortel & BCM Service
CALL NOW 416-425-0052

Toll Free 1-800-810-1075


For Nortel Service outside of Toronto, CANADA, click here for more information

Let Us Help. Our services include:

  • Emergency Service and Parts Replacements for Nortel Networks Meridian Telephone Systems
  • Free Telephone Systems Support –  Most issues can be resolved right over the phone
  • Service Contracts for  Nortel Networks, Meridian, Norstar, Norstar BCM. 1 to 5 year service contracts available

Call or e-mail us with problem description and info/pictures of the telephone system. We will provide fast problem troubleshooting and suggestions of steps to take.

We Service All Nortel Networks, Meridian PBX, Nortel Norstar Meridian BCM 

For telephone systems repairs & installation service of Nortel, Meridian, Norstar and Avaya phone systems in Toronto GTA call Standard IP Telecom

Our telephone repairs services include:

  • Fast Emergency Repairs - for Nortel Networks, Norstar Meridian, Nortel Norstar BCM 50, Meridian BCM 400, Nortel Meridian BCM 200, Norstar BCM 450 phone systems, Meridian Option 11 PBX,  Norstar voicemail or Bell lines not working. We service telephone systems in Toronto GTA including Brampton, Mississauga, Markham. Newmarket, and area.
  • Find Phone Problem, Explain Phone Problem, Fix Phone Problem - you will be fully advised as to the nature of the telephone system problem and advised of your options before our experienced Nortel Networks Norstar, Meridian phone system technicians quickly repair or replace any defective telephone equipment or phone system software.
  • Free Consulting for Telephone System Moves, or Expansions - your Meridian telephone system moves, additions and changes are done professionally with satisfaction guaranteed. We can save you money by supplying used and refurbished “like new” Nortel Networks telephones and equipment.
  • Professional Installation Service for: Nortel Telephones, Norstar Phone Systems, Norstar  Voicemail, etc. Our experienced technical team does Professional Phone System Installation of new or used telephones, phone systems and voice mail installations as well as installation of Call Centres, Call Monitoring and Call Recordings Systems, Long Distance Call Accounting Systems and more.

For fast & helpful Meridian Norstar Service
CALL NOW 416-425-0052

Toll Free 1-800-810-1075

For Nortel Service outside of Toronto and the GTA, click here for more information

Extended Warranty To Protect Your Meridian Norstar Nortel Telephone System

For information about our Full 5 Year Warranty Coverage for as low as $98.00/year - Call now for a free telephone system assessment!

Professional Installation Services for Voice Cables and Internet Data Cabling

We understand that the voice and data network are critical to your business. Our Professional Cable Installation service will ensure that your voice and internet data cables are installed quickly and correctly with all of the required connections, proper numbering and testing required by today’s high speed voice, VoIP and internet services. All installed cables are rated for fire protection and all cable installations are done according to the Building Code Regulations. Don’t take chances with your critical cable infrastructure. Learn more.

Paging Systems for Offices, Warehouses, etc.

We can provide paging systems for your Offices, Warehouses, Distribution Centers or Factories.
  • Professional Installation and Repairs for your Paging System: Paging systems improve internal communication in business environments and provide more efficient customer support. Quality Bogen paging equipment installation and set up provides audio solutions for offices, factories, and warehouses of any size and layout complexity. We provide sales and service for Bogen paging equipment. www.bogen.com
  • Free Paging Site Survey: Our experienced paging technicians will assess your paging needs to provide a detailed proposal. You can depend on us for a quality paging system installation.

Small Business Phone Systems

Need a phone system for your small business? We offer cost-effective small business phone systems and equipment.

Contact us to learn how we can help your company with its communications challenges and opportunities.