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Rhinocharge Energizes 2018 Miss World Canada Pageant

charging device Miss World Canada Rhinocharge

Standard Telecom supports the performing arts. In July 2018 we bought and donated a Rhinocharge eight-port USB charging station to the 2018 Miss World Canada beauty pageant.

Miss World Canada 2018 with Rhinocharge device

The device you see on the table in these pictures is a gang charger. Its both a battery and a step down transformer, and with one or two hours charge it will keep all fifty -six delegates' phones charged.  The photo above is from the Welcome Party where the delegates first discovered the charger - it became a popular fixture at every event throughout the entire 'Experience Week' thereafter; the delegates would come to each new location looking for the cellphone charger. 

eight port USB charging device, Rhinocharge

Rhinocharge is made in Quebec and sold all over the world to law enforcement and disaster response teams. Its a remarkable gizmo that puts 100 000 mAh into 8 smart USB ports which will charge your phone or computer battery in a short period of time. The rig is perfect for charging both Android and Apple phones, iPads and even tablet computers. The equipment is very robust, inside and out. Rhinocharge's electronics are protected inside a sturdy aluminum case which we had decorated with our brand name as you can see in the photos.

The unit was shipped to Toronto complete with manuals, more decals and stickers, and ten different lengths of charging wires (with all different types of connections to USB), and all this was packaged alongside the rig in a thick black plastic Pelican case with perfectly cut foam cushions. 

We tested the rig before donating the unit and found that everything worked perfectly. We could see exactly how much charge there was in the unit by pressing and holding a button on the side which lit up a series of LED lights from red to green. We had four of five lights worth of charge in just one hour.

Rhinocharge in Toronto

John Conn the CEO of Standard Telecom was very impressed with the device and is considering carrying the merchandise in the store.

John Conn, CEO Standard Telecom, John St in Toronto

The device was the single best donation to the beauty event series, and one that will be useful for many more seasons in the sun at this annual summer event.

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