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Are You Missing Out When Your Customers Are On Hold?

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What Is Your 'On Hold' Customer Experience?

The majority of small businesses don’t even have a radio playing for their customers when they place a call 'on hold'. They have dead air or an annoying double beep every few seconds. You know how much fun that is to listen to! So why put your customers through that kind of treatment. After all, this is someone who is trying to do business with you. 

Placing a caller on hold is unavoidable, but are you missing out on an opportunity to inform, entertain or inspire them?

On-hold music or professional recordings are one of the most-requested “new business telephone system” features because many people think they need a new telephone system to get music or commercials to play on hold, or they think it is very expensive--which it can be.

Radio On Hold Is Not The Answer

One easy solution that many businesses use is to play a radio station to their on-hold customers. For many companies there is no installation cost since their office phone system has a pair of wires coming out of it and terminating on a headset jack, that simply plug into the audio port of a radio.

But this is a lack-luster solution. Callers on hold, are left listening to a radio (sometimes drifted off the station) instead of listening to music or information about the company and its products and services. They might even be listening to a competitor's radio ad!

Turn 'On Hold' Time Into Sales Time

For only $199 you can have a “Salesperson on Hold” who turns your customer dead time into productive time. Inform, sell or entertain your customers while placed on hold with an iProMOH-One digital music and message announcer. It's easy to setup and comes with Simple Audio Mixer software so you can quickly craft your own brilliant messaging or professional-quality recorded music and messages. 

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