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Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

small business phone systems voip

Is a VOIP office telephone system better? 

For a small business, the answer is "maybe". The real question you should ask is, "is it worth the trouble and bother of implementing or switching over to a voice-over-IP office phone system for a small business?"

For large multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations, there are clear benefits of VOIP technology. But for a small, single-location business, the advantages of VOIP office phones are not quiet apparent. 

So, if your current telephone system is working well and doing a reliable job for you, our advice is to keep it and save the money it would take to switch to a VOIP business phone system.

We'd be happy to help you in making this decision. We can supply parts, service and warranty for traditional office telephone systems through to 2030.

We also offer complete small business office phone systems at a fraction of the cost of new systems, service, support, and extended warranties.

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