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Office Phone Hacking Drama at Hogtown Wrestling

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When it comes to communicating really important messages, sometimes acting out a fictional scenario can be more impacting than making honest instructional videos, and this might be the case for office phone hacking.

Hogtown Wrestling duke it out office

See the video below, where Standard Telecom CEO John Conn is instrumental in helping remedy a phone network breach in the telecommunications systems of a busy local wrestling league.

With regards to office phone hacking, as we have described many times here on the Standard Telecom blog, our Nortel Networks phone systems and indeed all major suppliers’ office phone networks are most commonly infiltrated by users not setting proper passwords. 

Hogtown Wrestling at Standard Telecom

Therefore, when we were contacted by Hogtown Wrestling, live wrestling in Toronto and asked if we would appear on camera to talk about their alleged phone hacking story, we agreed, hoping simply to help get that message out. At that point we didn’t know what to expect, or if they’d even been hacked for real, and we’re still not sure.

#HogtownPro wrestling is ‘now actively 'myth making’ by creating video backstories around their performers and main events. When a fast-talking wrestling promoter named Hutch Henries arrived at our office on Laird Dr. on Thursday 27 Oct 2016, he had the script and the scene he wanted to shoot in his mind - but no paper copies for anyone else to read!

Standard telecom fixes phone hacking problem

Through the course of him spoon-feeding John his dialogue,one line at a time, we slowly came to understand our role in the narrative. We are the good guys. We're helping Hutch Henries sort out the hack and rescue his semi-fictional sports organization from being hacked again by bad wrestlers looking to change the roster and eliminate opponents without having to engage them in the ring. Yes of course, now we understand. Its all a devious scheme to steal the Title Belt that is soon to be uncovered. As you can see in the video, some of that drama plays out right here in our work space.

So when asked how the phone hack actually happened?  Our CEO told the truth by and large, as that is generally what always happens – somebody gave up the password to the phone system or worse, the administrator forgot to change the default password that was set at the factory, most commonly ‘1,2,3,4’.

Hutch wrestling with office phone hack

The painful look of embarrassment that flashed across Hutch Henries’ face was also real, or really well acted, as this is the reaction we most often see when we report the cause of the network breach as being ‘human error’. And when Mr. Conn referred Hutch to ‘go see Ahmad’ on Dundas St W., he did the local wrestling promoter another favour, for real, as A2ZPC computer repair shop in Toronto is indeed the best place to take your PC or laptop when you know its sanctity has been violated. Ahmad Zehour is a real live computer engineer who specializes in data recovery. He can find and recover information from all types of data storage systems, including drowned device drives and crushed camera chips and even firmware or what many people now call device-ware.

Nick Watts at Hogtown Wrestling

So, in conclusion, if a touch of make-believe tech drama in the backstory of a popular wrestling show is what’s needed to bring more awareness to phone network password security and help reduce this type of easily preventable data breach, then you can bring your cameras by our shop anytime Hutch Henries. Let’s hope your audience gets the message.

Hogtown Wrestling has its own Rogers TV show, and you can watch this video play-out live at the next live show on Friday Nov 11th downtown at the Super Wonder Gallery.

Nov 11th speedball mike bailey wrestler

All in a day’s work at Standard Telecom; we view this as helpful community messaging, regardless of the medium, which does look very exciting. With all these guys have to worry about in the ring, the wrestlers shouldn’t also have to wonder if the dressing room phone has been hacked.


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