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Tired of hearing ‘End of Life’ or ‘Manufacture Discontinued’? 

Those words are not in the Standard IP Solutions vocabulary!

With tight budget management, many companies and organizations, including most small businesses and non-profit agencies are keeping that Nortel Networks Norstar telephone system or Meridian Option PBX,  alive for just one more year, and then another, and then another…well if you have one of these, you understand. If you are responsible for telecom and/or data in your organization, chances are that you have been told to endure a costly upgrade because your equipment has been deemed ‘End of Life’ or ‘Manufacture Discontinued’.  

Do not let someone tell you that your perfectly good phone system should be tossed away and sell you a new telephone system, just because you want to add a few phones, lines or features Standard IP Telecom has been helping customers keep their Nortel Norstar meridian and other telephone systems in fine working condition, with replacement parts, for over twenty years.  We  offer a complete selection of new and used equipment with a Two Year Warranty on all equipment sold.

Upgrade when you need to, not when your telephone service company wants you to.

Let Standard IP Telecom supply you with telecommunications equipment for your legacy or IP telecom system.  All Standard IP Telecom equipment comes in New or a "Like New" re-manufactured state and all equipment comes with a Two Year Warranty.  It doesn’t matter if it is traditional legacy or the newest in IP/VoIP technology, Standard IP Telecom will help your organization save 25% to 40% on equipment prices. We provide most legacy Nortel Networks, Norstar, Meridian, Avaya, and Cisco, products.

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