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Office Move Checklist for Business Phone Systems, Telephone Lines and Equipment

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We know there are a million things to think about when moving your business. This checklist will help you stay organized and provides tips to help you prepare for your business move.

30-60 Days Before Your Move

Take an inventory of your telecom services (phone lines, fax lines, jacks, toll free numbers, computers, Internet connections, mobile phones, TV, equipment etc.).
  • Check for inside phone wiring and jacks required within your new premises. Your telephone system service company should provide a free new site survey to determine if any voice or data wiring can be re-used and what needs to be installed. Their service technicians should be able to install any additional voice and data network wiring that your new location will require.
  • Contact your Bell line provider 30-60 days before your move date to book your move appointment, discuss your specific line move requirements and Bell business services including Business TV, Bell Mobility and any Internet modem equipment you may have.
  • Provide contact names and phone numbers required like site contact and prime contact.
  • Update billing address and authorized contacts.
  • Since the disconnection of services at your current address will take place at any time on the move date, advise your customers of possible telephone service interruption on your move date and offer alternative telephone numbers to contact key staff.
  • If you have equipment that is not maintained by your current Telephone Service Company or your IT Service Company, be sure to contact that vendor.
  • Obtain and make record of important move order details; move order number, email confirmation and store it as a note on your smartphone so it is readily accessible.
  • Clear all messages from your Voicemail, as you may lose all messages in memory and may  need to activate  new Voicemail service at your new location.
  • If moving Internet services make sure your Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet user ID and passwords are noted so you can be up and running quickly at your new location.
  • Send move notification emails to suppliers, partners and customers to advise them of your move date and your new address and your phone numbers if they changed.

On Moving Day

  • Ensure that furniture is not blocking areas in which the technician is required to work.
  • If moving to a multi-tenant building, contact the building manager to ensure that the technician will have access to the communication room to activate your services.
  • The Bell technician will arrive between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on move day to complete the installation. If you would like a specific appointment time be sure to ask for Bell’s hourly installation appointment service. There may be an extra charge for this.
  • Have your Internet and Server ID and passwords readily available to expedite Internet and data network installation.

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