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Nortel Networks Phone User Guide

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Nortel Networks Phone User Guide, Voicemail, Programming, Features. Free download.

This free guide (PDF) covers the main features of your Nortel Networks T-Series and M-Series Phones, including:

  • How to change the name on your phone
  • How to change the time and date
  • How to program system speed dials
  • Common Feature Codes
    • Button Inquiry
    • Call Forward
    • Call Park
    • Camp On
    • Conference Call
    • Last Number Redial
    • Link
    • Page, External and Internal
    • Pick Up
    • Change Ring Type
    • Change Ring Volume
    • Speed Dial
    • Record Call
    • Ringing Service
    • System Administration
    • Call Transfer
    • Transfer to Mailbox
    • Check Voicemail
    • Leave a Message
    • Set Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • How to program voicemail
  • How to record a greeting
  • CCR Tree Setup and Changes
  • How to set a holiday greeting
  • How to deactivate a holiday greeting
  • How to delete a mailbox
  • How to add a mailbox
  • How to reset a mailbox password
  • How to change the name on a mailbox

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  • master
  • shopify pay
  • visa