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Rhinocharge Energizes 2018 Miss World Canada Pageant

charging device Miss World Canada Rhinocharge

Standard Telecom bought and donated a Rhinocharge - eight port USB charging device to the 2018 Miss World Canada beauty pageant to so the fifty six delegates could charge their phones at the events.

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Office Phone Hacking Drama at Hogtown Wrestling

nortel office phone hacking phone system audio telecomunications

When it comes to communicating really important messages, sometimes acting out a fictional scenario can be more impacting than making honest instructional videos, and this might be the case for office phone hacking.

Hogtown Wrestling duke it out office

See the video below, where Standard Telecom CEO John Conn is instrumental in helping remedy a phone network breach in the telecommunications systems of a busy local wrestling league.

With regards to office phone hacking, as we have described many times here on the...

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Are You Missing Out When Your Customers Are On Hold?

accessories on hold music on hold radio phone system audio small business phone systems telecomunications

What Is Your 'On Hold' Customer Experience?

The majority of small businesses don’t even have a radio playing for their customers when they place a call 'on hold'. They have dead air or an annoying double beep every few seconds. You know how much fun that is to listen to! So why put your customers through that kind of treatment. After all, this is someone who is trying to do business with you. 

Placing a caller on hold is unavoidable, but are you missing out on an opportunity to inform, entertain or inspire them?

On-hold music or professional recordings are one of...

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Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

small business phone systems voip

Is a VOIP office telephone system better? 

For a small business, the answer is "maybe". The real question you should ask is, "is it worth the trouble and bother of implementing or switching over to a voice-over-IP office phone system for a small business?"

For large multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations, there are clear benefits of VOIP technology. But for a small, single-location business, the advantages of VOIP office phones are not quiet apparent. 

So, if your current telephone system is working well and doing a reliable job for you, our advice is to keep it and save the money...

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Telecom Equipment Lasts Forever

avaya cisco meridian norstar nortel phone system maintenance polycom small business phone systems telecomunications

Tired of hearing ‘End of Life’ or ‘Manufacture Discontinued’? Those words are not in the Standard IP Solutions vocabulary! Standard IP Telecom has been helping customers keep their Nortel Norstar meridian and other telephone systems in fine working condition, with replacement parts, for over twenty years.

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