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Avaya 1416 Digital Display Phone. Refurbished office phone for receptionists and office managers.


New Remanufactured Avaya 1416 Digital phone - Not currently available

$ 199.00 CAD$299.00

NOTE - The Avaya model is not available but the model 1408 is still available.

Want a NEW Avaya phone ?

New re-manufactured phones look and perform, like a brand new Avaya phone!

A Standard Telecom New ' Re-manufactured ' phone has a fully tested, Genuine Avaya circuit board, in a new plastic case. With a 3 Year Warranty.

If you're in the market for Avaya phones, it's important to understand the key differences between refurbished and remanufactured options. While refurbished phones are simply cleaned up old phones with a limited warranty , re-manufactured phones undergo a more rigorous process that includes replacement of all worn-out parts with new ones. This means that re-manufactured phones are essentially brand new, offering superior performance, reliability, and a 3 Year Warranty.

Don't settle for refurbished phones that may not meet your expectations or last as long as you need them to. Choose remanufactured Avaya phones and enjoy the benefits of a smarter, more reliable investment.

 The Avaya 1416 Digital Display Phone delivers the most one-touch line, features, and speed-dial buttons without the need to scroll. This is the ideal phone for office managers, receptionists, and assistants.

The Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone is recommended for navigator type users, people who transfer customers, answer incoming calls, and monitor several lines throughout the day.



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