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How to Protect your Business from Telecommunications Fraud

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How to Protect your Business from Telecommunications Fraud

Use Smarter Passwords

Never use default passwords or default access numbers for your system as they are easy to crack and almost everyone knows them. One of the most effective security measures is to select hard-to-break passwords and remote access codes. Use the maximum number of characters, mixing the pound sign (#), asterisk (*), and numeric digits (0-9). Avoid passwords that contain the following: - Predictable patterns, such as ascending or descending digits (7654321) - Repetitive digits (5555555) - The same digits as your extension number (or the reverse of your extension number) - Numbers that align to or identify the owner (room number, employee ID number or even a social insurance number)

Frequently Change Passwords and Access

It's a good idea to change passwords and access codes at least four times a year for both switch (software based/remote access) and hardware-based voicemail systems and automated attendant services. Always change or remove authorization codes when authorized users leave the company, especially when technicians depart. Do not write down remote access codes or passwords, or program them into auto-diallers.

Controlling Long-Distance Calling

Prohibit or restrict calls to countries you do not do business with - Consider block all calls to Asian or East European countries, which are popular calling destination for telethieves and call resellers - Limit international calling to only those employees who need to place international calls. Limit calls to domestic area codes if calls to these states are not permitted - Put time-of-day restrictions into effect, such as prohibiting or limiting outbound calling at night and on weekends - Restrict 800 access from non-essential areas that are known toll-fraud centers Call our service department at any time you have questions and consider having one of our technicians check out you telephone system before telephone fraud happens to you.

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