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Nortel Meridian M7208 office phone, used, "like new" condition. NT8B30

Nortel Networks

New Remanufactured Nortel M7208 - NT8B30

$ 149.00

New Re-manufactured Nortel phone is a NEW phone with 3 Year Warranty.

Most Nortel phones are over 40 years old, why buy another old Nortel phone?

The multi-line M7208 phone only works on Nortel Networks phone systems.

If you're in the market for Nortel phones, it's important to understand the key differences between refurbished and re-manufactured options. While refurbished phones are simply cleaned up old phones with a limited warranty , re-manufactured phones undergo a more rigorous process that includes replacement of all worn-out parts with new ones. This means that re-manufactured phones are essentially brand new, offering superior performance, reliability, and a 3 Year Warranty.

Don't settle for refurbished phones that may not meet your expectations or last as long as you need them to. Choose re-manufactured Nortel phones and enjoy the benefits of a smarter, more reliable investment.

Nortel M7208 is NOT a home phone


  • Supports up to 6 phone line.
  • original circuit board - tested and warrantied for 3 years
  • new plastic shell (phone body & receiver)
  • new cords
  • new buttons
  • supports up to 6 line appearances
  • flexible line and feature buttons - programmable
  • colour = black (unless otherwise requested)
  • works with all Nortel Meridian Norstar telephone systems

NOTE: M7208 is not a home or residential phone.

The M7208 is a Nortel Meridian display phone that will work with all Nortel Meridian Norstar telephone systems. The M7208 can have up to 6 line appearances. The M7208 is built to last for many years and has flexible line and feature buttons. We normally ship this phone in the black color unless you ask for a different color.

Please Note:  Many phones sold online are just "used phones" with marks or defects. We warranty our phones for Three Years as we expect them to perform the same as a brand new phone.

Nortel part number NT8B30.

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