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Nortel Avaya BCM 450, voice & data communications for small & medium sized businesses

Nortel Networks

Nortel BCM 450

$ 3,499.00 CAD$5,440.00

This Nortel BCM 450 is equipped with Release 6.0 software and a full Professional Call Centre package. Please call for full configuration information.

Nortel BCM 450 standard features include: 4 slots to accommodate Media Bay Modules; 1 OAM port used for direct connection of a computer running administration software such as Element Manager; 2 LAN ports; 2 USB 2.0 ports to connect USB storage devices; 1 DS256 jack to connect a BCM expansion cabinet; Auxiliary ringer jack, page relay jack, page output port; Music on hold port. Platform Status Monitor monitors CPU load, memory load, HDD space, temperature, fans, power, network throughput. Two System Status LEDs (Power and Status) BCM Monitor monitors overall system status, IP telephony functions, utilization of resources, operation of telephony applications and status of PRI, BRI and IP trunks. Three hard drive activity LEDs (HDD1, HDD2, RAID) (Note: RAID LED not supported on BCM450 Rls. 1).

Compatible Nortel Media Bay Modules include: 4x16 Combo, 8x16 Combo, ADID4 and ADID8, ASM8+, CTM4 and CTM8, DTM, BRI, DSM16+ & DSM32+, GATM4 and GATM8, GASM8, R2MFC, FEM.

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