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Meridian Norstar Modular 824 Control Unit

Nortel Networks

Meridian Norstar Modular 824 DS Control Unit

$ 495.00

Norstar 824 DS Control Unit (8 line by 24 Extensions)

This expandable system is designed to meet the high growth potential of small and medium sized businesses. The basic Norstar 8x24 KSU expands easily by simple self contained add-on trunk and station modules. Any combination of six modules can be added to the KSU to a combined maximum of 128 total ports.

An expansion card is required to add modules to the 8x24 KSU. Expansion cards come in either 2 module expansion or 6 module expansion. This expansion card plugs directly into the KSU. The trunk and station modules then connect to the expansion card with a single plug in cable.

Station Module 0x16 provides for the addition of 16 station ports. The Trunk module 12x0 provides for a maximum of 12 trunk ports. The trunk module by itself does not provide trunk access. Trunk cards 4x0 go into the trunk module (maximum 3 trunk cards) per trunk module.

Please Note: Only 90 Day Warranty on this item.

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